Augustus Pablo

Augustus Pablo

In June 2023, Rough Trade reissued the label’s second ever 7” single, by legendary roots reggae multi-instrumentalist and producer Augustus Pablo, ‘Pablo Meets Mr Bassie’. Originally released in 1978 the record has been remastered and cut by Marco Perry (Bjork, Dennis Bovell, Massive Attack) and features its original sleeve, sticker and label artwork.

Geoff Travis (Rough Trade co-owner and founder) explains the importance of this record in Rough Trade’s history, “This is the re-release of our second ever Rough Trade single release. Richard Scott was working with us, developing a mail order and then a distribution company. He had deep Jamaican connections as he had been part of the management team for Third World. He made a deal with Joan Higgins a 15 year old relative of Augustus Pablo who worked the Saturday shift in Pablo’s Kingston Record shop. A man called Everton Da Silva was also involved, perhaps as a go between. I always maintain this is one of the best ever Rough Trade releases, if not actually the best. One of my very bad jokes is that it was all downhill from this point. In any case it’s a monumental record and very likely justification for the whole enterprise.”

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    Augustus Pablo - Pablo Meets Mr Bassie

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    Augustus Pablo

    Pablo Meets Mr Bassie

    16 June 2023
    Seven-Inch Single

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