caroline is an eight piece, based in London. Started by Jasper Llewellyn, Mike O’Malley, Casper Hughes in early 2017, caroline initially evolved out of weekly improvisation sessions. Bringing together shared influences in, and experiences of playing, midwestern ‘emo’ guitar music, Appalachian folk, minimalist classical and various forms of dance music. caroline now includes Oliver Hamilton (violin), Magdalena McLean (violin), Freddy Wordsworth (trumpet, bass), Alex McKenzie (clarinet, saxophone), Hugh Aynsley (drums, percussion), alongside the three original members.

The group spent a year and a half playing privately, without a project name. Reiterating, deconstructing and re-building the same small handful of songs over and over again, the group slowly expanded their on-stage members before playing their debut show as caroline in 2018. caroline are currently working on their debut album.

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    caroline - Skydiving onto the library roof

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    Skydiving onto the library roof

    25 June 2021

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  • caroline release “Skydiving onto the library roof” as 12-inch single { Read More }